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About Me

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"Rise above the noise !"

The journey of rising above my circumstances to become a doctor in education, a speaker, and an author, began long before I knew there was anything leading anywhere. Actually―it began long before I was born. It began within my family lineage.


As the great-granddaughter of famous educator and founder of Tuskegee University, Booker T. Washington―I have to say that my life journey began deep in my family legacy. Today, I follow in my great-grandfather's footsteps of leadership, helping others rise to high levels of success in route to becoming the best version of their self.

Although some deem my bloodline a royal lineage, my early years were far from it. I grew up near poverty, in a single parent household with a hardworking mother. By definition, I was considered “at-risk”. At the age of 16, I became a single teenage mom. I ended up on welfare.


Fortunately, the one thing my parents agreed on was the value of education. They ingrained that in me. Through peaks and valleys (many more valleys than peaks) I finished high school (six months ahead of my class). I went on to earn my bachelor’s degree in business. All while raising a family and working full-time in Corporate America.


Having a deep desire to help others rise above difficult life circumstances, just as I'd done, I transitioned from business, and I returned to school to earn my master’s degree in psychology.


As a mental health professional I practiced clinical counseling for several years. I also taught psychology courses as an adjunct professor before returning to school to earn my doctorate degree. Immediately after earning the doctorate, I decided to go a step further and earn the master life coaching certification from an ICF approved coaching program so that I could help individuals at a higher level whenever the opportunity presented itself. 


Although my journey was tumultuous at best, I would not change a thing. It led me to who I am today. It’s prepared me for creating my own extraordinary legacy. It’s instilled in me compassion, along with a purpose and a passion to inspire others to create their extraordinary legacy. And it's allowed me to speak to audiences across the country, inspiring them to rise above the noise, and their circumstances, to achieve success.

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