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Inspiring clients―who are seeking the necessary focus and discipline to succeed in the classroom, on the job, or in life―to redefine their lives, release mental blocks, and create positive mindset shifts that lead to clarity, peace of mind, and confidence.

Consulting/Coaching sessions tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual client.


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"Off The Couch"

Why do I say Off The Couch? Simply to distinguish professional coaching/consulting from psychotherapy. Coaching and/or consulting are not psychotherapy. They are designed to work with individuals who would benefit from having a professional accountability partner trained to co-create or guide them to achieve clarity, perspective, motivation, and mindset shifts, en route to achieving higher levels of success.


To distinguish between coaching and consulting, coaching co-creates, leading the client to uncover solutions on their own, while consulting is more directive, with the consultant making more suggestions toward solutions. The client decides which will serve them best.

We achieve this by one of two methods, depending on client's desire. The first is just coaching and/or consulting as issues and ideas arise, impromptu. The second is to use the SWOR Analysis©, which is a technique created by Dr. Rush specifically to assess targeted issues that the client wants to tackle in a particular session or in more than one session.

As a mental health professional, with a master's degree in psychology, and years of experience as a clinical counselor, Dr. Rush is able to determine if coaching or consulting is a good fit for the client, or if psychotherapy would be more appropriate. In some instances, it makes sense to work simultaneously with a coach/consultant and a counselor. Dr. Rush is trained and able to effectively make that recommendation.

Although she has several years of counseling experience and a doctorate degree in education, in order to be the best coach for her clients, Dr. Rush decided to go a step further and earn the Master Professional Coaching certification from an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coach training program. (Click on badge on this page to view certificate)


Consulting/Coaching Investment

Free 15-minute no-obligation consultation

$250.00 for one-hour session 

(Pay a week in advance.)

$275.00 for a one-hour session

(Pay as you go, at start of session)

$1,000.00 for a 5-session package

(Pay upfront, and receive 1 free session.)

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